167th Airlift Wing ANG aircrew-flight-equipment-decontamination-training

Wel-Fab Inc. Lightweight Inflatable Decontamination System (LIDS) Aircrew Decontamination System was used by the USAF Air National Guard (ANG), Aircrew Flight Equipment (AFE) Technicians from the 167th Airlift Wing participated in an aircrew decontamination exercise located in West Virginia.  USAF ANG AFE technician’s set-up the aircrew contamination control area as part of a Full Spectrum Readiness Exercise where USAF, members from Air Mobility Command (AMC) reviewed and provided feedback. 

The purpose of the aircrew decontamination exercise is to ensure USAF, AFE Technicians can set-up the LIDS Aircrew Decontamination System and follow required USAF decontamination procedures and processes in the event of a CBRNE incident that would require Aircrew and AFE Technicians to be decontaminated. This training exercise took place in Nov 2, 2019 and provided required training to AFE personnel. 

Our LIDS Next Generation Detailed/Expediate Aircrew system is specifically designed to be used for any real-world events or training exercises just like this one.  Wel-Fab LIDS systems is currently the only decontamination systems on the market tested by the USAF 28TH Test Squadron. 

Wel-Fab Inc. LIDS Next Generation Detailed/Expedient Aircrew System is listed in GSA and DLA PN: WFI-LIDS-NGDE-AC, and SN: 8145-01-522-2512.  Additionally, when you purchase the WFI- LIDS-NGDE-AC system through GSA or DLA it includes an initial One-Day CONUS Training Course consisting of Set-up, Take-Down and Packing the LIDS® System.  The LIDS NGDE decontamination system is the most cost effective, lightweight and user-friendly decontamination tool ever built for our nation’s military. 

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