Every day CBRNE training is taking place somewhere all over the world to be prepared for real-world events.

The United States Army Japan in collaboration with the Japan Ground Self Defense Forces conducted Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Defense training.  This exercise highlighted in CBRNE Central builds readiness against a broad spectrum of contingencies and designed to evaluate how these combined forces respond to CBRNE scenarios including decontamination of personnel and real-life medical hazards.

 Our Lightweight Inflatable Decontamination Systems (LIDS®) provided DoD decon technicians a complete Contamination Control Area (CCA) Decontamination Capability regardless of their location and can be safely set-up on all types of surfaces.  The Wel-Fab, Inc. LIDS® decontamination systems were first introduced back in 2004.  Our LIDS® systems were specifically designed to be lightweight and rapid set-up in these types of CBRNE conditions. 

Wel-Fab, Inc. has over 1000 LIDS® decontamination systems fielded throughout the Department of Defense. This includes Aircrew, Groundcrew, Emergency Management and our Civil Support Team systems. 

When you purchase the WFI- LIDS-NGDE-AC or Groundcrew system through GSA or DLA it includes an initial One-Day CONUS Training Course consisting of Set-up, Take-Down and Packing the LIDS® System. 


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