South Carolina National Guard Perform Decontamination Training

South Carolina National Guard Perform Decontamination Training

Members of the 43rd Civil Support Team, South Carolina National Guard set-up our Wel-Fab Inc. Civil Support Team (CST) Lightweight Inflatable Decontamination System (LIDS) and trained on techniques in response to a possible weapons of mass destruction from a domestically radical group.  This training exercise was a collective training lane exercise in preparation for their evaluation by Army North.  Our CST system provides complete Contamination Control Area Decontamination capability while wearing the Level A suit.

Our LIDS CBRNE CST system was specifically designed for quick response to Weapons of Mass Destruction, CST teams like the 43rd South Carolina National Guard CST team.  This CST system can be set-up quickly and easily on any improved or unimproved surfaces in under 20 minutes by two personnel.  Each CST shelter inflates within 90 seconds and includes a five-nozzle shower system which provides maximum gross decontamination.  Furthermore, our CST system incorporates an Emergency Decontamination area that supports rapid man down decontamination procedures.

Wel-Fab developed the CST system for use in decontaminating personnel exposed to Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and High Yield Explosive particulate matter. Our CST system is unmatched in quality and flexibility and used throughout the military and civilian community.  Our LIDS Decontamination Systems have been fully tested and validated by the United States Military.   Our LIDS system has the quickest to set-up time on the market today. 

Wel-Fab has decades of military experience engineering CBRNE products.  We offer numerous design and manufacturing advantages over other companies and we are often the most cost-efficient option available.  Currently we have over 1500 LIDS Aircrew, Groundcrew, Emergency Management and Civil Support Teams fielded DoD wide.

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