Decontamination Trailer Systems

Our WFI Decontamination Trailer System (DTS) is a high-tech system which incorporates the newest concepts and the most up-to-date features used today. Our decontamination trailer is fully equipped for rapid deployment by organic vehicles and/or non-organic transportation assets, including roadway, railroad, air lift and waterborne transportation resources.

Our WFI Decontamination Trailers are specifically designed and engineered for today’s quick response to Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and High Yield Explosive (CBRNE) by Civil Support (CST), Emergency Management (EM) Teams, and todays Firstline Responders. This advanced system design provides complete Contamination Control Area (CCA) decontamination capability for CST personnel while wearing the Level A, B, and C Hazmat Suits. Our WFI Decontamination Trailer System meets or exceeds all required capabilities for today’s first line responders

Wel-Fab, Inc. has partnered with the Engility Corporation (Our Manufacture’) to develop a Decontamination Trailer System to specifically meet the design capabilities within this Solicitation for use as a field deployable Contamination Control Area (CCA) supporting CST. Our trailer mounted decontamination system is faster to deploy and utilizes less CCA personnel during the setup, deployment, and closeup process. Can be fully deployed, operated, and closed by just two CST or EM personnel.

Our WFI Decontamination Trailer System (DTS) PN/SKU’S: WFI-DTS will be released soon.