Blower Strap Assembly


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Wel-Fab, Inc. Aircrew Eye/Respiratory Protection Equipment (AERP), Blower Strap Assembly, is designed to be used with the USAF AERP CQU-7/P Blower Assemblies and our Lightweight Inflatable Decontamination Systems (LIDS).

Our AERP CBRNE LIDS Blower Strap Assembly has special features incorporated into the strap assembly which are designed to help protect the CQU-7/P Blower Assembly from being damaged. The CBRNE LIDS Blower Strap Assembly has been specially designed  to enhance the Aircrew and Aircrew Life Support (ALS) decontamination process and allows for faster individual aircrew fitting.

The expected capabilities and benefits of the CBRNE LIDS Blower Strap Assembly :

  • Quick adjustment Shoulder/Waist Strap:
    • Quick adjustment for individual Strap Length/Fit Requirements
    • Can be worn around the waist or over the shoulder
  • Shoulder Pad:
    • Molded from soft, flexible, rubberized plastic
    • Tiny nubs molded onto it to help prevent slippage
    • Encases the webbing and keeps it from chafing at the neck and shoulder
  • Blower Hose Retention Strap:
    • Keeps blower hose from dragging on contaminated surfaces
    • Reduces hose tripping hazard/inadvertent disconnect
  • Rubberized Blower Strap Handle:
    • Provides aircrew member with a non-slip carrying handle
    • Reduces inadvertent dropping of blower assembly
    • Reduces damage to blowers
  • Quick Disconnect Points:
    • Allows aircrew members to quickly disconnect from blower
    • Allows for quick disconnect of all straps during decon
  • Carabineer Loop Attachment Point:
    • Allows for carabineer attachment to handle assembly
    • Provides quick hanging/release of blower assembly during decon