Wel-Fab, Inc. is a Leading Supplier for Aircraft Shipping Containers and CBRNE WMD Decontamination Systems for the USAF, US ARMY, and Countries First Line Responders.

Wel-Fab, Inc. (WFI) manufactures a variety of Aircraft Shipping Containers, Deployable Work Stations, CBRNE WMD Decontamination Systems and other products designed for military and municipal use. WFI was founded in 1981. Our company is in Lumberton, New Jersey and its where we first honed our high precision welding and custom steel manufacturing fabrication capabilities. In 2000, we started designing, developing, and manufacturing our first line of military products. Our Aircraft Shipping Containers, known as Collapsible Container Systems (CCS) were the first products off our assembly line.

Since then, we have excelled by creating an extensive, high quality line of military-ready products by focusing on superior equipment functionality, essential specification compliance, cost-efficiency, and exceeding all customer requirements.

In 1995, functional managers from the USAF, AMC and AFSOC commands contacted us directly to develop a CBRNE WMD Decontamination System they needed to meet Aircrew and Ground Crew CBRNE WMD decontaminations requirements and we were honored to take the challenge. We worked closely with them to develop and manufacture our first Lightweight Inflatable Decontamination Systems (LIDS), which we officially introduced to our military customers in 2004.

Our LIDS Aircrew and Ground Crew systems were the first decontamination systems to be officially tested by the USAF. The 28th Test Wing preformed rigorous testing on our LIDS Aircrew and Ground Crew, CBRNE WMD Decontamination Systems and approved them for use in the United States Air Force. Additionally, the National Guard Bureau (NGB) initiated additional testing through the COTS MOD Program and approved the LIDS Civil Support Team (CST) system as the standard decontamination system to be used by all 57 National Guard CST. Our LIDS decontamination systems have also been evaluated and approved by the Joint Program Executive Office for use throughout the CBRNE community.

We have work hard to establish our position as an industry leader by creating products that exceed our clients’ expectations. Our LIDS and CCS systems have undergone comprehensive, hands on testing within realistic real-world environments. Our Collapsible and Non-collapsible Aircraft Shipping Containers have under gone independent testing and been issued Air Flight Certifications from the Wight Patterson AFB. We use high quality, heavy duty, aircraft grade aluminum, and powder coating technics which allows for eco-friendly manufacturing process and results in low counts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). We also provide the option to recycle our sold product if they become damaged beyond repair by the user.

WFI has built a strong reputation for manufacturing and delivering the highest quality products in a timely manner. We currently, have more than 500 WFI CBRNE Decontamination Systems and 10,000 WFI CCS containers and in service today.