Environmental Facts


At Wel-Fab, Inc., we provide safe, high quality products with an emphasis on sustainability. We use the best available materials to manufacture our products. We lead our industry in developing innovative manufacturing methods that reduce carbon emissions without any sacrifice in durability or functionality of the equipment we manufacture.


We have decades of experience as a metal fabricator, we use the highest aircraft grade aluminum for collapsible containers and other military-ready products. We use aluminum because it offers numerous environmental advantages over other materials and it is often the most cost-efficient option available. Aluminum is a strong, light, and versatile metal that offers an exceptional return on investment.

Here are some of the eco-friendly advantages of using our aluminum products:

  • Fully Recyclable with Minimal Waste

  • Repeated Recycling Does Not Affect Quality Aluminum Material

  • Low Density. Exceptional Strength, Long Life Durability

  • Light Transport Weight for Improved Fuel Economy and Reduced Emissions

Aluminum’s light transportation weight saves 95 percent of the energy and pollution used to make new aluminum over the lifespan of a collapsible cargo container. In the critical transportation industry, our research in lifecycle modeling has shown the emissions of the entire aluminum industry can be offset by the potential emission savings from the transport sector’s increased use of aluminum by the year 2020.


We use the powder coating process on many of our products. This eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to prevent a negative effect on air quality. We decided to use the powder coating process because we wanted to avoid the use of harmful paints and gases that could pollute the atmosphere.

Powder coating is also a stronger option that paint, as it provides excellent overall durability. The exhaust required in powder coating is lower than the exhaust generated by other methods, and powder coating dramatically reduces energy consumption and air pollution through improved energy efficiency.

When you purchase our powder coated aluminum products, your helping to reduce your organization’s impact on the environment as well. You also benefit from the substantial advantages of these technologies: aluminum containers save a substantial amount of fuel, and lighter materials are much easier for personnel to handle. Low-VOC powder coating is comparable to paint in terms of looks, but much more durable and energy efficient.

We are proud to manufacture products that provided our clients environmentally responsible choices. As a leader in our industry, we always use eco-friendly materials in our product designs. Our engineers constantly research for new ways to reduce emissions while improving on the durability and overall quality of our products.