C130 Main and Nose Wheel Container


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The C-130 Main and Nose Tire (MNLGT) Container PN/SKU’S: WFI-C130MNLT-T and WFI-C130MNLT-G are custom designed to hold (4) Main Tires and (2) Nose Tires. The container sidewalls fold down to serve as loading ramps which make loading your tires easy. Our tire container fits perfectly within the usable space of a 463L pallet and with room to spare on top, you can stack (2) Tire Accessory Containers and stay within your regulated height requirements. The container lid has (12) mounted tie down rings positions for securing the container to the pallet. Each container has (4) 10-inch forklift tubes that allow full forklift access from all sides. When not in use, this collapses down to just 16 inches in height as opposed to 62 inches in height when fully setup. The letter T/G at the end of the part number denotes the container color requested.

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