Large Area Maintenance Shelter


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                                             Large Area Maintenance Shelter

Variations on the Wel-Fab LAMS allow for specified use for aircraft and vehicle maintenance in addition to capacity as a general storage structure.  Fully relocatable due tothe modular design, the LAMS can be outfitted with vertical gable end walls or retractable eyelid doors to fit with site requirements

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Intended Use Variations:

The Wel-Fab LAMS is a portable, temporary facility of modern constructions utilized in
forward operational areas without fixed facilities. The LAMS is available in three different
styles according to the intended end use:

• Aviation (Type A) is designed to allow aircraft to be housed and serviced with ease.
This style benefits from the retractable tri-lid door as this opens the entire profile of
the structure for entry.

• Vehicle (Type V) has doors sized for entry of the various types of vehicles used
regularly Space is provided for vehicle storage and maintenance.

• Storage (Type S) is the basic style used for general storage. Door options include all
standard personnel and vehicle door styles.


Further specialize your shelter with the addition of accessories, specifically designed to
increase shelter efficiency.
• Wind bracing
• Lighting and electrical systems
• Portable solid flooring
• Climate control kits (ECU/liners)
• ISO shipping containers
• Metal roll up doors

Wel-Fab offers options for full on-site installation including SME training and support.