Manifold Strap Assembly (Set of 2)


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Wel-Fab, Inc. Aircrew Eye/Respiratory Protection Equipment (AERP), Manifold Strap Assembly, is designed to be used with the USAF AERP MBU-19/P Mask- Hood, Manifold assemblies and our Lightweight Inflatable Decontamination Systems (LIDS) to enhance the aircrew decontamination process.

Manifold straps currently being used by the USAF were not original designed to be used with second generation AERP equipment. Our AERP Manifold Strap Assembly has been specifically designed for use with the USAF AERP MBU- 19/P Mask-Hood, Manifold assemblies. They have been specially designed to enhance the Aircrew and Aircrew Life Support (ALS) decontamination process and allows for faster individual aircrew fitting.

The WFI-AERP Blower Strap Assembly special features provide the following expected capabilities and benefits:

  • Quick Adjustment Waist/Shoulder Straps:
    • Provides fast individual strap length/fit adjustments capabilities.
    • Extended strap length allows for fitting over survival vest and body armor.
    • Provides personnel with comfortable fit.
  • Quick Disconnect Points:
    • Provides immediate disconnect points for both straps during the decon process.
    • Allows personnel to quickly disconnect straps from manifold assembly.