3rd Battalion 4th Air Defense Artillery

Our LIDS CBRNE Supreme Aircrew Decontamination System was recently used by the 3rd Battalion, 4th Air Defense Artillery to conduct training in southwest Asia.

The Air Defense Artillery used our LIDS to familiarize Soldiers and Airmen with CCA procedures they use during wartime operations. Our LIDS Aircrew System is specifically designed for quick response decontamination teams like the 4th Air Defense Artillery.

Our LIDS System was tested and approved to provide complete Aircrew Contamination Control capability for aircrew personnel wearing all fielded aircrew chemical warfare ensembles just like the soldiers and airmen taking part in the training somewhere in Southwest Asia.

The benefit of owning our LIDS CBRNE Supreme Aircrew Decontamination System translates into unparalleled logistic and training which includes a smaller unit response footprint and shorter technician training time. In designing our products we worked closely with numerous USAF and ARMY decontamination units to develop the most advanced, easy to use personnel decontamination system on the marked today.