Testing Help put LIDS on Decontamination

Our Chemical, Biological, Radiological,  Nuclear,  and Explosive, (CBRNE)  Lightweight, Inflatable, Decontamination, System’s (LIDS) has been a part of CBRNE WMD decontamination infrastructure of the United States military, for the past 15 years.

Our LIDS system was fully tested and validated by the USAF,  at Little Rock, AFB in April of 2006. Our LIDS system consists of more than 100 components, that have been officially tested, validated, and approved for use.  Since then, our LIDS systems have been configured to meet the needs of many different organizations, including:  The United States military, Homeland Defense entities, National Guard Civil Support Teams, FEMA and any other federal agencies.

We currently have over 450 CBRNE LIDS, WMD decontamination systems in the Department of Defense inventory.   Our CBRNE LIDS systems are a proven, dependable, product that has become the standardized system for performing military decontamination procedures.

Read more at https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/132713/test-helping-put-the-lids-on-decontamination/

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