Wel-Fab Inc. Introduces New Line Of Rigid Shelter Systems

Wel-Fab Inc. Introduces New Line Of Rigid Shelter Systems

I am extremely excited to announce Wel-Fab, Inc. new line of Rigid Dynamic Shelter Systems.  Our first two systems to be released in our Rigid Line are the Dynamic Small and Medium Shelters systems. 

Dynamic Small Shelter System

Our Small Shelter System has a frame design that reduces carry weight while keeping overall shelter strength. This Small Shelter system comes in widths up to 27’.  The design of each arch spreads the pressure evenly down to the base plates and stakes.  (PN: WFI-DSS)

  • 100% from-ground installation
  • Berry Amendment Compliant
  • No added heavy machinery required
  • Hinge attachments connect in seconds
  • Minimal tool requirements
  • 463L-Pallet optimized
  • Intended for storage space, office or meeting areas, and billeting 


Dynamic Medium Shelter System

Our Medium Shelters use the same base frame system as the Small Shelter, but it was made to cover larger spaces. Every arch is designed to provide stability and support for the shelter.   Frame pieces fit together neatly letting it pack into smaller shipping containers. (PN: WFI-DMS)

  • Standard widths range from 28’ to 44’
  • Completely packs out into 463L Pallets
  • Arches are lifted from ground level without special equipment
  • Cross support bars connect by sliding into place
  • Compatible with all of Celina’s accessories
  • Meets all US Military Shelter Standards
  • Advanced pack-out for quick deployment

I want to personally thank all of our customers who have been asking us to produce these type structures for some time now.

My team has been working with our manufactures to develop our new line of rigid shelters that will set the standard for future rigid shelter military procurements.  We feel this way for a lot of reasons. 

We have the experience, engineering capability, staff, and superb manufacturing partners to meet any surge capacity requirements and will be providing a wide range of soft-wall shelter solutions for our Small Shelters and Medium Shelters with more systems to come within the next few months. 

All of our shelters have been designed to complex with other shelters (both soft-wall and hard-wall shelters), containers and vehicles.

Our main production lines utilize a variety of equipment for each work center associated with the fabrication process. Production travels through work centers involving:

  • Fabric Welding (Stationary and Traveling)
  • CNC Cutting, Machining and Routing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Kitting and Consolidation

Again, I want to thank our customers for their patience, and we look forward to showing you our New Line of Rigid Shelter Systems.

Best Regards,

Paul J. Elstone Sr.