Aircrew LIDS Training at Youngstown Air Reserve Station in Ohio.

Our LIDS Aircrew System was recently used during a training exercise conducted by the Youngstown Air Reserve Station in Ohio on May 2019.  Airmen from the 910th Operations Group participated in an Aircrew, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (AC CBRN) defense training event.

Members of this Reserve unit conduct this type training every two years and are well trained in setting-up and processing aircrew personnel using our LIDS Aircrew System. This exercise included recent changes made to AC CBRN training and they modified their current Aircrew LIDS System to meet the new requirements.

The purpose of the AC CBRN training exercise was to determine the capability of the AFE personnel processing aircrew members in a contaminated environment.  The exercise using provided training for AFE personnel who have never seen the new decontamination process. The AC CBRN training consisted of equipment donning and doffing, buddy dressing procedures, aircrew contamination control area processing, and ensemble limitations.

Our Wel-Fab Inc. LIDS Aircrew System was specifically designed to be used during these types of decontamination operations and our LIDS system is the only aircrew decontamination system on the market today that was fully tested and approved by the USAF 28TH Test Squadron.

The Aircrew LIDS system is the system of choice for the AFE career field.  Aircrew members wear specialized equipment that requires extra care during the decontamination process, such as helmets, G-suits, Survival Vests, and LPU’s.  Our LIDS Aircrew System has proven itself to be the perfect system to decontaminate this equipment, which allows it to be used for other missions. 

Wel-Fab Inc. had recently developed a new LIDS Aircrew System.  The Next Generation Detailed Expedient (NGDE) Decontamination System is an ultra-lightweight decontamination system that is packed into a single container making this the lightest, most effective decontamination system on the market. GSA Part Number: WFI-LIDS-NGDE-AC.

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