Soldiers Describe Initial COVID-19 Fight

Soldiers Describe Initial COVID-19 Fight


US Department of Defense


Soldiers Describe Initial COVID-19 Fight

July 17, 2020, Army News Service

Wel-Fab Inc. Lightweight Inflatable Decontamination System (LIDS), Civil Support Team (CST) decontamination systems are being used in the ongoing fight against COVID-19. 

Soldiers from University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey worked countless hours assisting civilian doctors and nurses.  The Army started deploying thousands of soldiers to help healthcare providers nationwide to combat this invisible enemy.  As new hotspots surface throughout southern and western states, soldiers deployed our LIDS CST system shelters to help combat against COVID-19, helping first line responders and healthcare workers save lives.

Our LIDS CST tactical system model was specifically designed to be modified and used within today’s quick response teams just like the US Army soldiers from University Hospital in Newark. Our LIDS CST system shelter provides complete decontamination capability and rapid deployment and setup.  Each shelter can be setup within 90 seconds and can be modified and integrated with any existing CST Decontamination systems . Our complete LIDS CST system can be setup by two personnel in under 20 minutes.  It can also be setup on all improved and unimproved surfaces.


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