The 145th Airlift Wing, NC, Aircrew Members Train With Chemical Gear

What a way to start 2019, members from the 156th Airlift Squadron and the Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron recently completed an Aircrew Contamination Control Area (ACCA) training exercise at a North Carolina Air National Guard Base, located on Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The chemical decontamination training exercise was completed using our Wel-Fab Inc. LIDS® Aircrew Decontamination System Part number (WFI-LIDS-AC-KIT). Aircrew Flight Equipment (AFE) members from the 145th Operational Support Squadron set-up the LIDS® system and decontaminated aircrew members. The training exercise provided aircrew members and AFE Airmen with the readiness training needed for a potential real-world chemical warfare situation.

Our WFI-LIDS-AC-KIT Aircrew Decontamination System provides shorter technician-training time and reduces set-up and break-down times. Our LIDS® system is designed to meet all current aircrew decontamination procedures and it was independently tested and validated by the USAF Air Warfare Center and approved for use by the Department of Defense, Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical, and Biological Defense. Additionally, our LIDS® ergonomic design was proven to significantly reduce technician thermal burden associated with the set-up and operation of decontamination systems. Our LIDS® Aircrew system can be purchased through General Service Administration (GSA) or the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) stock number (8415-01-522-2518). Furthermore, when a unit purchases our WFI-LIDS-AC-KIT it includes an initial one-day CONUS training course consisting of Set-up, Take-Down and packing the LIDS® System. Our LIDS® Training Course is taught at the base/unit facility that purchased the WFI-LIDS-AC-KIT.

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